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Report Overview

With an in-depth insight into how your business is performing, you will be able to form significant data-informed decisions in a seamless manner.

Brand Management Audit

Learn how your brand is perceived, measure your overall brand quality, and discover opportunities that will boost your brand reputation and turn your weak points into strong and steady advantages.

Review Management

Understand what people love about your brand, and what annoys them, and turn that information into a rock-solid foundation to improve your performance and create brand advocates.

Search Engine Audit

Establish the health of your website, identify the problems that hold your website back from high rankings, and based on the powerful analytics, improve the overall performance and make the website search-engine friendly for better results.

Tech & Experience Review

The smart data will show remarkable instructions for your website’s improvement, and it will enable you to provide the superb experience that will turn every visitor into a lead.

How to Improve?

Our masters put their brains together to analyze the data from your report and recommend the perfect course of actions for your business to achieve the results you’ve always desired.

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Your SILVER AdjustMD Digital Marketing Report Card will contain:

  • Accessibility analysis of your website
  • Experience analysis of your website
  • Marketing analysis of your website
  • Technology analysis of your website
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Your GOLD AdjustMD Digital Marketing Report Card will contain:

  • Analysis included in the Silver Plan
  • Analysis of your top reviews on the most popular industry review websites
  • Social media presence analysis of your brand
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Your PREMIUM AdjustMD Digital Marketing Report Card will contain:

  • Analysis included in the Gold Plan
  • 2-hour phone consultation with our team of experts
  • Implementation of improvements
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